Northern Lights 2014

Oct 25, 2014 Steven Milne

The fourth Northern Lights was great fun - we moved to the bigger room, we had more attendees, and open space really took off.

Codethecity 2

Oct 24, 2014 Steven Milne

Codethecity 2 followed right on the heels of Northern Lights, we tackled sports and wellbeing, with some exciting progress on how teams consider accessibility requirements.

Hacking in class

Oct 20, 2014 Steven Milne

I took the hack / jam format into a proper, legit, university setting and it worked really well. Hands on learning FTW.

Minecraft Pi

Oct 16, 2014 Steven Milne

The Rasp Pi was being used as a media centre for a bit when the telly box died, but now it's being used *properly* again - as a minecraft box for the wee lads.

Social media for students

Oct 11, 2014 Steven Milne

I gave a short presentation about how the working world views social media to visual comms students at North East Scotland College.

The Mighty Trebuchet

Oct 10, 2014 Steven Milne

We made a mighty trebuchet for easter, and I've only gotten round to blogging it now.